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Why You Should Choose Us

Housemaids & Cooks



Drivers & Caretaker


BPO & Office Boy



Who We Are ?


To be recognized as the leader and best service provider in the field of Manpower Agency service.

We are in the business of providing manpower agency to your home, office & factory. We pride ourselves on the wide range of services that we offer to our clients.
Mission: To provide best possible service to all our customers in order to enhance the work environment with guaranteed service and the highest level of efficiency.

Personal Services:
Japa Maid for New Born Baby.
Nanny (A person, typically a woman,
    employed to care child in your home)
Attendant For Patient & Other.
Servant For Domestic Help.
Cook for Hygienic Food.
Driver for Save Drive.
Bodyguard(Personal Security)
Caretaker For Home & Guest House.

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